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Thursday, May 27, 2010

HuH?!!!! SuNGGuH KuRaNG aSaM Boi : KisaH PaK RiMaU Di A FaMoSa ResoRT, MeLaKa

Den ni kalau nak diikutkan darjah kemarahan, ermmmm.... sangatlah rendah. Kalau Den rasa marah, biasa Den dok diam-diam dan pergi. Sebab apa? Kalau Den tunggu kat situ, Den ghaso abes suma orang kat kawasan situ waimma tompek2 tu sekali akan kena sapu dengan Den.... Alamak yer ke????

Sungguh KuReNG AsaM Boi : KisaH PaK RiMaU Di A FaMosa ResoRT, Melaka..... HaiyakKKkk, cait! Geram sungguh Den kat diorang nih...

Den kongsikan apa yang diorang dah buat dengan Pak Rimau kita....

(Den ambil kandungan blog dari MoNYeT KiNG)

The Apa ... ingat kita orang bodoh ke ?

Video klip berkenaan PaK RiMaU yang di'dera' di A Famosa Resort , Melaka dah seminggu berlayar-layar kat internet. Kalau ada yang belum tengok, disertakan video klip yang dimaksudkan.

A Famosa’s comical response as reported in the Star (22 May 2010) is as follows :
A Famosa Resort general manager Allan Chee denied the abuse allegation.
“There is no evidence that the tiger was drugged or abused by its handler,” he said, adding that he was aware of the video clip and had received numerous inquiries from the public.

Chee said the animal was a captive-bred tiger and was considered very tame and comfortable around humans.

“Tigers are nocturnal and those here are very well fed and become very lazy and lethargic during the mid-morning. So, it is natural that the handlers had to use extra coaxing to move the heavy tiger into position,” he said.

He also denied the resort charged RM15 for patrons to take photographs with the tiger.

“We only charge patrons if they ask us to photograph them with our instant camera,” he said.

I have come to the conclusion that the people at A Famosa think that most Malaysians are stooooooopid. They expect Malaysians to believe that that tiger was “very well fed” and “had become very lazy”. Many people have written to the media and in the blogs protesting against this. If you haven’t done so, perhaps we can assume that you agree with
A Famosa Resort general manager Allan Chee.

Some folks are planning a “Public Awareness Campaign” day-trip to A ‘Famosa Resort on 29 May 2010 at 10:30am to advocate better treatment for wildlife living in captivity. They strongly believe that the livelihood and dignity of wildlife living in captivity is the collective responsibility of all Malaysians. For more information, visit :

You can support the cause by highlighting this issue in your blog / publication. Your support at the A ‘Famosa Resort this weekend will also add great value to the cause.

Monyet King says:
  1. Those of you going to join the protest at A Famosa, please bring your own food and drinks. You do not want spend your money there.

  2. The A Famosa incidence is just one of many cases of abuse of animals in captivity. There are other places in the country that treat their animals worse.

  3. Don't go to A Famosa just to see if the tiger is really drugged. The drugging will not happen these days while the issue is hot.

  4. BOYCOTT A FAMOSA for a year. Do not go there for your holiday, tell your friends not to go there, twitter, blogs, scream, email….. BOYCOTT A FAMOSA RESORT. [How about GAFAR - Gerakan Anti Famosa Resort]

  5. As I have highlighted many times before in this blog, the tiger is our national animal. It is our heritage. It adorns our coat-of-arms and the crests of many government agencies, universities and corporations. It deserves better treatment than what it is getting now.

  6. Some Malaysians are actually idiots.

Nota dari KJ :
Pada pengamatan Den, dah terang lagi bersuluh PaK RiMaU kita kena dera.... Dah serupa nak mati dah PaK RiMaU tu.... Kuyu dan layu.... Tak ada hati dan perasaan langsung!!!! Cuba kita laksss tukar tempat dengan PaK RiMaU tu.... ermmm.... Camne ghaso nyer.... PK aaaa..

Psst : nape nak juga bergambau dengan PaK RiMaU kalo dah tengok PaK RiMaU layu kuyu cam tu??????

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