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Sunday, May 20, 2012

'I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots'

7 gambar??? A tag Malaysian Travel Blogger from Biqque (Beauty In Darkness) and Janggel (Janggeltrekkers Life).

7 gambar jer???? Hahahahaa... 7 gambar ni macam nak mati pilih (overst!).

Picture No. 1 : A photo that.... takes my breath away
This picture was taken while i'm staying in rumah 'tengah laut' (kelong) Kampung Silawa, Sempoerna(2008).  Super duper happy  and of course it takes my breath away until now. 
[Compact camera : Olmpyus]

Picture No. 2 : A phote that... makes me laugh or smile

Banjir?! Spider web???? Hahahahaha.  Lucky shot early in the morning.  Jelawang Waterfall, 2008. 
[Compact camera : Sony DSC S650]

Picture No. 3 : A phote that... makes me dream 

Sunset in Penyabong, Mersing (Mei 2011).  This is one of the shot that i like the most (erk? the most tapi ada lagi yang lain?).  I saw lots of beautiful and amazing shot during sunset in Penyabong in the internet and magazine, since then memang aku berangan-angan dah nak g sana ambil gambar sunset kat sana.  Yippie! 
[DSLR : Canon 550D]

Picture No. 4 : A photo that... makes me think

It's in Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands (Mac 2011).  Over global warming issues, will this sustain?  Amazing  giles tengok lumut memanjat pokok macam dalam cerita fairytale err Lord of the Ring??? hehehee. HUTAN LUMUT. 
[Compact camera: Canon S95]

Picture No. 5 : A photo that... makes my mouth water 

Mantanani Island, Sabah (Mei 2010).  I will cry to death to swim in the crystal clear water...  Nakkkkkkkk mandi laut! Nakkkkkkk!!!!! Yerr aku suka mandi laut, hehehe.
[Compact camera : Olympus u850SW]

Picture No. 6 : A photo that... tells a story 

Picture taken in Mabul Island, Sabah (June 2008) when local approaching us to sell their lobsters (and only 2 of it) and stingray. Periuk nasi kami and we need it to live, "Would you like to buy sir?"
[Compact camera :  Sony DSC S650]

Picture No. 7:  A photo that... I am most proud of (aka my worthy of Natinal Geographic shot)

Paya Indah Wetland, Dengkil (July 2010).  The blue sky and some reflection between the golden 'grass'.
[Compact camera : Olympus u850SW]

I'm tagging this fellow bloggers to do take part 
1. Kak Coco : Coconutz (yerrr selagi tak buat! hahaha)
2. Shah_rule : MyStoryIsOnLifeTimes (nak paksa jugak)
3. Xplorer :  Suka Jalan-Jalan (he took lots of picture!)
4. BlueEwoke : Chawanna  (sila... sila...)
5. Hang Dhamin  :  Aku Menembak ll Kau DiTembak   (Sila Dhamin, sila buat)

What you guys need to do...
1. Choose 7 of your own photos, one for each of the following categories:
  • A photo that…takes my breath away
  • A photo that…makes me laugh or smile
  • A photo that…makes me dream
  • A photo that…makes me think
  • A photo that…makes my mouth water
  • A photo that…tells a story
  • A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)
2. Write a short description for each image.
3. Write somewhere in your blog post: 'I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots'.
4. Tell us you have participated and tweet the hashtag #7SuperShots
5. Nominate 5 other bloggers by including a link to their blog in your post.

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